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My grandparents
Marie Farrell Acey and Henry Oscar Acey

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Find out more about me and the Surnames I'm researching, then visit the genealogy message boards or search the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) free.

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Genealogy Links

I have complied several links to alot of free genealogy sites and resources that have been helpful, and useful to me.

Genealogy Links

Acey/Acy Links

Check out the various links I have found with the Acey/Acy surname. Also contains links to other spellings that sound like Acey.

Acey Links

Acey Message Board


Two of my ggg grandfathers served in the Civil War. Daniel "Dan" Dwight served in the Minnesota 6th Regiment Company I. A website has been created as a tribute to honor all the soldiers and families of the Minnesotas 6th. It includes history, facts and information on several soldiers. My other ggg grandfather Robert Dunn Hannah and his brother Thomas Hannah jr served in Company G 95th Illinois Infantry. Read about the various battles and campaigns , including Operations against Vicksburg. Also has links to rosters and counties for the 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment.

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